In her sleep

She slept hard, held captive in a cocoon of her own bone-deep exhaustion. So deep, she didn’t hear the front door open or close like she usually would. So deep, she didn’t feel him kiss her cheek or hear the shower run. So deep, she didn’t feel him slip in beside her, pulling the sheets down enough to expose her naked breasts.

She didn’t realize he held each one for a moment, like a fragile Christmas bulb, in the palm of his hand. Nor did she feel his hand reach between her legs, fingers slipping between the crease that protected her most secret place.

She didn’t know that she responded, that her body woke to his touch, that she opened her legs to him.

And she certainly had no idea that as his lips and tongue explored her, leading her to writhe and moan, her back arching, her knees bending.

It was as if her body knew how to run the show without her. Her hands reached around the backs of her knees, pulling her legs up and out, offering herself physically and subconsciously to his hungry mouth, which sucked at her clit until she actually rose up toward him, letting go of her legs and moving her hands to the back of his head, pressing herself into his face, grinding her pubic bone against his jaw.

His hands reached under her backside, grabbing hold and squeezing her as she came against his chin, her fingers wrapped around and through his hair.

Every muscle contracted momentarily before her entire body caved in, her breath shallow, her skin salty with sweat, her pussy pulsing.

She relaxed more deeply than she could ever do when awake, sinking into a sleep as complete as death.

And she dreamed of his hands on her flesh.

This has been a Wicked Wednesday post.  Head over to see who else is being wicked. And yes, I realize I missed the submission deadline.  It’s been one of those weeks – work is at its craziest – and the inmates are taking over the asylum.

Thankfully, we’re about to shut it down.

Here’s a little “me” interlude – since it’s also HNT (and I’m on time for this one!):

The Lustful Literate


The Lustful Literate



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