HNT: Alone and Bored…what’s a girl to do?

I spent the majority of tonight parenting, running errands, and working on a “homework” post for Daddy.  He was wondering why a particular bondage experiment “tickled my fancy” the way it did…more so than previous rope adventures.  So, I took the time to mull it over and consider my reaction.  I think I came up with a viable response…and in the process, I took some new HNT photos.  So, now that I’m up at least an hour past my bedtime…I might as well do it up right and leave you with some naughty pics so I have something to show for my fatigue at work tomorrow morning.

I have to say, being home alone (what with Daddy on night shift), is lonely and sexually frustrating.  And the prospect of 2 months of this bullshit is anything but uplifting.

Luckily, I have some vacation time coming up, So, I’ll have some time to refresh and regroup.  Unfortunately, it also means more downtime at home…with kids…and no man around to quench my thirst for cock.

Absence may make the heart grown fonder, but it makes the pussy furious.  Guess I’d better text Daddy and ask permission to masturbate…I can’t sleep without an orgasm.

The Lustful Literate

The Lustful  Literate

The Lustful Literate

The Lustful Literate

The Lustful Literate


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