Key word:  Escape
Word Limit: 333 words
Word Restrictions:  racquetball, lover, morning, sunlight
Bonus:  Tell us about a time you had to escape yourself.

Mina sprang from the bed like a frightened cat, her body taut, her movements punctuated by her high-pitched screams, “Jordan!  No!  Fuck you…get away from me…”

Her giggles belied her harsh words, as she leapt toward the door.  Naked, he ran after her, his rigid hungry cock like a jousting sword, leading him…pulling him toward her, his nuts bouncing comically below.

Mina ran down the hallway, breasts swaying, bottom jiggling just slightly – visual motivation for her perpetrator.  She warbled like a terrified bird and flew from floor to couch and over, knocking over a lamp along the way.

Jordan, in true predatory fashion, fell back, followed slowly, and waited for her to corner herself, which she did, in the kitchen against the back door.

“I’ll go outside!  I swear I will!”

Jordan looked at her and smiled smugly,  “No you won’t.  You’re naked.  You don’t have the guts.”

“Fuck you…I will.  I’ll show you!”

Mina reached behind her back and turned the knob, pulled the door open, and slipped out backwards, keeping both of her eyes on both of his.

As soon as her feet felt the rough wooden planks of the porch, she turned and ran…down the stairs and into the grass, her bare feet cooled by the green blades.

And then she felt it…the icy blast of water, strategically aimed right between her ass cheeks. She screamed and whipped around, pointing her own weapon at Jordan’s still hard cock. She shot back…but his erection was too strong. The cold water had no other effect besides making his cock wet.

He looked around and thanked God the fence was high.

He was going to get her so wet.

Soaking wet.

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