Eroticon…should I? Or shouldn’t I?

So, I’m considering it.  I’ve been telling Daddy about it…and all of the sudden a few days ago, he told me he had already put in for tentative vacation days for that weekend and had looked at ticket prices.

He’s really an amazing man.  I hadn’t even gone that far.  But, then…he knows me.  He knows I’ll just sit around and weigh the possibilities and talk myself out of it because it’ll cost money that we should be saving or using to pay off bills.

The thing is – he gets that writing is my outlet.  I don’t really expect to have some sort of online empire or anything (though I would like to learn how to increase my blog traffic a bit and encourage people to comment more – as I can see I get plenty of reads on my posts, but not as much “conversation” as I’d like).  I can see that Eroticon offers workshops on those topics…and quite a few more.  Plus, I’d get the chance to meet some of the bloggers I read on a regular basis.

Of course, it’s in Atlanta…and I’m not really a fan.  I could’ve thought of so many prettier, nicer cities.  But….I’m not in charge, am I?

Anyhow, for now – it’s just at the forefront of my mind.

We’ll see.

(I have to say…If I keep seeing things like this…

Lori  Smith – at RarelyWearsLipstick.com

…when I search for information on past and present speakers and workshops for the event…it won’t take much more to sell me on the idea!  E-gad!  That is one hot lady! – BTW – Daddy, you wanna know what I like in women?  That.  Brains and bi-sexuality and that.  Excuse me – I’m going to go and take care of my sudden needs now.)

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  • Mick Collins

    Not sure how to generate comments. Sometimes we get them. Other days not so much. Try photos with babes in bikinis holding an AR? Or get a far flung staff of correspondents who then feel obligated to comment when they are too lazy to actually write something!Mick

  • Brigit Delaney

    Yes…the pics definitely seem to pull in more comments than most things. Which is why I step it up every once in awhile. And having is a staff is a possibility…will have to look into that.

  • Marie Rebelle

    Oh yes, you should definitely go to Eroticon. I have been to the UK version of it and I really loved it. You learn some, meet people, learn some more and just generally enjoy yourself. I believe Michael Knight is one of the speakers. Make sure you attend his session. That will help to learn you how to promote your site :)Rebel xox

  • Lola

    Hey Brigit,We'd love to go, but Atlanta – a bit far for a busy time of year. We're thinking about doing the UK one perhaps next year – a nice vacation of work and pleasure and pleasure. But, if you like brains and bi-sexuality, then it would be great for you and Lo to meet.Cheers!

  • Brigit Delaney

    Yes…Lo sounds like a crazy good time. And I wish I could do the UK one – but the cost of getting across the Atlantic would be a bit prohibitive for us – so Eroticon USA may be our only option for awhile. I notice that a majority of the bloggers I follow are from the UK, so going would be great fun, I am sure – meeting all those writers face-to-face.

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