I’m usually behind the times a bit on most things – fashion, pop culture, current events. I really was born in the wrong time. Things move to fast for me to keep up. So, forgive me for bringing up what may be old news to you.

A few weeks back I heard this song on the radio. I really liked its retro flavor and the polished voices. Not to mention – the refrain of one of my favorite phrases “you’re a good girl”.

So, when I looked up the video, to use it in a post, I was pleasantly surprised at the story and buzz that seemed to be surrounding the video. The uncensored one, that is:

Read “Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Video Blurs Lines Between Nudity and Sexism”.

I don’t know. It doesn’t offend me – but I suppose that isn’t really saying anything… I do wish the girls had a bit more substance – I guess “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” – but this song does naughty things to my ears, so I guess I can’t complain too much. Plus that young “George Michael” thing Thicke has going on is lovely. I’d take him home in a heartbeat.

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