And the Mass Exodus Begins

Sifting and skimming through my “Voyeuristic Tendencies” tonight…I found 3 posts relating to bloggers who are setting up their own domains and leaving the confines of Blogger/Wordpress behind.

Good on ’em.

I don’t have ads on my site, but like another blogger wrote, it’s more the principle of the matter.  What if I wanted to?  I don’t really take to being told no.  In fact, it pisses me off.

I’m sure I’m not far behind in the move.  I’m a little slower to change than most.  But, I’ll get there.  You’re getting plenty of warning here.

But, I have to say, with all the news and hullabaloo about Blogger (especially) and WordPress (to a lesser degree) cracking down on Adult Content sites, it really makes me wonder:  what are people so afraid of?

It seems to me, the more truth we have available to people, the better.  And sex bloggers are pretty damn big on truth.  We all do it for our own reasons, but regardless of our reasons, people read us to learn, gain insight, and find validation and connection.

For some reason, I feel like I’m back in high school, on the newspaper staff, fighting with the administration over a controversial story that the editors feel MUST run, but the principal is afraid it will enrage parents.  All the concern over what SOMEONE (no one in particular) MIGHT (no promises they’ll even notice) be offended by, rather than the concern over the freedom of speech…the freedom of expression…and the respect for art – even when it isn’t your cup of tea.

It smacks of censorship.  Which is unfair, judgmental, and well…wrong.

Too bad I’m too lazy to be in charge of the world.  I might do something about it.  Instead…I’ll blog about it, and prepare for my silent “fuck you” to the powers that be by continuing to figure out how to move out on my own.

Time to fly the nest.  And it’s such a warm, comfy little nest I’ve made.

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  • Mia's Musings

    I am self-hosting and have done for a while, however, I find from speaking to Molly that I may have a problem in the future with my .co.uk domain and privacy. That being so I am in the throws of changing to a new domain and making a fresh start also.To reassure you not only have I built my erotic blog on a self-hosting basis but also sites for my own business and also one for my BF's hobby. Once you get going they are not as difficult as you may think. I was a Blogspot fan but soon got to grips with WordPress and would now not go anywhere else. It is so flexible to use and with the plugins you can do pretty much anything you want. Good luck with your changes and I for one will be looking forward to seeing your new home. ~Mia~ xx

  • Brigit Delaney

    Thanks for the reassurance. I'll need all the support I can get. And I do indeed plan on having and new "house-warming party" when I get up and running. It may take me awhile…but my plan is to get it going this summer….no later than end of August.

  • Mick Collins

    Well, we are still up. I am not sure whether google has a problem with the adult content, or the fact that someone might be making money off of them without sharing the booty. In any event, I have no plans to advertise, and figure if I am getting this platform for free, they probably have a right to expect me not to make money off of their platformMick

  • Brigit Delaney

    Yes…I agree. I don't think it's the content they have a problem with. It is definitely the fact that they offer a free service and don't want anyone making money if they aren't. And you are quite right – they have a right to expect that. I'm just not sure if I may want to at some point – and I also am afraid that some of my links may qualify as ads. So, for me – it's cautionary, rather than necessary. Plus I do reviews – people send me free stuff – I plan to give it away on my site. That could all be construed as advertising or "affiliation".

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