Two’s company…three’s a…?

I’m grappling with a whole new world of possible experience…

I’ve been with a man.
I’ve been with woman…being watched by two men…
I’ve been with two men and another woman.
I was even once with a woman, being watched by her husband, while I periodically looked over and watched my husband fuck a “unicorn“.  (I have to laugh here…in order to find a link to the definition, I just learned there is such a thing as The Swinger Dictionary online – crazy.)

However, I’ve never been with one man (namely my husband) and a single woman.

Oh, I know…what’s the difference?  Right.  One body…two bodies…a whole swarm of bodies – it’s all good, right?

I wish it were that simple.

But, I’m warming up to the idea.  I love my husband.  He loves me.  I trust him.  He has my best interests at heart.  I like women.  No, really…I like women.  But, I don’t know how I’ll feel watching (or even being involved – what exactly do I do?) him dominate and have sex with someone else?  Hmmmm…

I suppose there is really only one way to find out.  Until then, it’s just speculation – which is never the way it turns out in reality.

Luckily…the lines of communication are open three ways…and this is new to all three of us.  That sort of gives me comfort.

I’m not big on new.  Or change.  But, once I’m there (and a few glasses of wine helps)…I can be amazingly receptive.

I’m on the edge of the pool.  I guess it’s time to dip my toe in and test the water.


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