There’s nothing quite like the first time…

He set money on the nightstand, as she lay back, spreading her legs, looking up at him with calm eyes that belied the knots of anxiety in her belly.  He hovered above her as her hands reached between their bodies to unbuckle his belt, his cock bulging to the brink of splitting his zipper.  Leaning back on his heels, he allowed her access to the front of his jeans, which she  peeled down in quick and expert fashion.  He pushed her back, shoved her skirt up and plunged in hard and fast, making her squeal in surprise and pain.  Just a few thrusts was all it took.

He stood up, pulled on his pants, buckled his belt, re-positioned his rumpled black cowboy hat on his head, tipped it in her direction and said, “Thank you kindly, Miss,” before he slipped out the hotel room door.

She wondered if he could tell he was her first…come and gone so quickly he hadn’t even taken his scuffed up boots off.  It wasn’t the time to disclose such a fact, when politely propositioned by a dimpled smile, white teeth too perfect for his faded denim and dirty white tank top.

Keyword:  Disclosure
Word limit:  200 (damn that was hard)
Extra Credit:  Share your real number (I think…somewhere between 15-20?)


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