I have a load of books sitting on my shelf that are completely going to waste, as I have a minimum amount of spare time to read and review them.  These lovely free copies have been sent to me by the publisher and they have encouraged me to pass them on to you, my readers.

So, I’m interested in running a little contest.

Sometime next week, I’m hoping to feature a book to be given away.  And there will be a related prompt.  All you would need to do is write a short story/poem and email it to me at kinkykitty@live.com.  I’d read the entries, post as many as possible, and choose a winner…to whom I would then send the featured book!

If anyone who has done a contest/giveaway like this has any little pieces of advice about how to do this in the best possible way (and how to ship things anonymously – after all, I do plan to protect my identity and place of residence/personal PO Box)…please send those tips my way!

I haven’t determined yet whether I will keep this a U.S. only contest…as I am unsure of shipping costs…there’s no way I’m spending more than the item costs in order to ship it somewhere.  These anthologies usually run about $15.95.  Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to send a book from the U.S. to the U.K.?  Because the U.K. seems to be the world capital of sex blogging – and a large portion of my readers live there.  I’d hate to have a contest and only offer the prizes to half of my audience (that’s a bit unfair, now isn’t it?).

Once again…any advice here would be welcome.  I know…I’m probably making the planning of this more of a big deal than it really is.  But…that’s what I do.

4 Replies to “Teaser: Giveaway/Contest”

  1. Good to see some initial interest! I hope this works out for all involved. I'd love to see these books find happy homes and get some good writing flowing as a result.

  2. Thanks! It took me some time to figure out just how I wanted it to look. It's been awhile since I've been this happy with its appearance. I'm looking to enter the publishing world this summer, so I figured the site should look a touch more professional (in a sexy way, of course).

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