Sensual Blogger Award

Pervertically Virtuous has nominated me for the “Sensual Blogger Award”:

I’m honored, of course…I always blush a bit when someone hands me a compliment.  But, I found this one unexpected…not because I don’t think my writing is sensual…but because I had no idea who P.V. was until now.  I’m excited to find out I have a new reader and flattered to be noticed by someone “unknown”to me.

It intrigued me enough that I’ve been inspired to do something similar.

Now, I know – these things can be a bit “chain-mail”-ish and not everyone is “in to” these sort of “awards”.  More than anything, I think these awards are more about encouraging and noticing the work of other bloggers (and linking to them so the whole world can enjoy them as much as you do) than they are about actually “awarding” anyone anything.  I guess it’s nice to put a bit of “flair” on your blog…to show you’ve been “found” and appreciated in some regard.

I will certainly add this one to my blogger “credentials”.  But, I’m going to change things up a bit before I send it out to anyone else.

Here are the rules as they were stated to me:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated AWARDED you with a link back to their blog blogpost where they nominated you (so they get a pingback). Thank you PERVERTICALLY VIRTUOUS – for awarding me and for bringing my attention to your own wonderfully naughty blog.  I have hours of reading ahead of me to get to know you better.
  2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog. Will do!
  3. Answer 7 “sensual” questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award. See below.
  4. Create or borrow 7 “sensual” questions for the bloggers you award this fine award to answer. 
  5. Select 7 “sensual” bloggers to award this fine award to, AND LET THEM KNOW YOU’VE AWARDED THEM.
  1. Everyone has a scent that takes them back to a fond moment, what is your scent and the moment? I don’t really have any particularly “sexy” moments based on smell…so I guess I just have to go with the types of smells that bring me comfort…like the shampoo my mom wore when I was a kid…or the scent of baking bread in the kitchen with my grandmother.
  2. One piece of sensuous advice that you would give to anyone? The way you smell matters…pay attention to it.  Your hair, your hands, your breath, your skin….  It doesn’t have to be perfume or cologne, and it doesn’t need to be strong (quite the opposite actually…I’d rather find myself hunting you down in a crowd to find out what that alluring fragrance is rather than being inundated by it and overwhelmed).  
  3. What do you do to initiate something sensual/sexual? Well, sensual and sexual are not synonymous, so my answer would be different for each one. To initiate a sensual activity?  It would have to be one of two things:  1)  choose one particular sense to focus on, such as blindfolding someone so they can focus on touch or taste or sound or 2)  completely swarm someone in as many senses as possible – make them dizzy with smells, sights, textures, sounds, and tastes….make a night of it.
  4. Is sensuality a male or female trait? (discuss!) I truly believe it is a human trait – not just male or female.  I’ve known some highly sensual men – chefs/cooks, wine enthusiasts, pipe smokers, musicians, artists…as well as sensual women.  A great read, for those interested in the subject, is Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses.
  5. Name the one thing you’ve done that you’ve said you’d never do?  I’m learning to not say “I’d never…” because I’ve found it’s a great way to contradict myself and it somehow leads me right into the activity I said I’d never do.  I said I’d never call Mr. LL Daddy.  I said I’d never like spankings.  I said I’d never enjoy anal.
  6. You learn that your partner has a lover and they’ve brought their lover home to meet you – and it’s your lover; what do you say or do? Well, this would “never” (ha ha) happen.  Having just gone through the whole “I can’t handle you having a lover” business and knowing how little I want to have one of my own…it’s highly unlikely.  Although I will admit that Daddy and I have very similar taste in women – most of the time.  Men?  Well…maybe?  But either way, neither of us would ever have a lover that the other didn’t know about well before we brought them home.  We don’tdo business that way in the LL household.
  7. If you could go back and reinvent your sex life, would you? Nope.  Everything I have done has been for a reason. No regrets. Just the right amount of kink…with plenty left to try before I die.
So here are my award suggestions…and as I wrote above…I’ve been inspired by P.V. to nominate/award blogs that are NEW/newer to me…blogs I might not even have on my blogroll.  So, it’ll come as a lovely and welcome surprise to them, just as it did to me:

1.  Monks’ Press (priorly Hunger in the Library)

And here are my questions for you 7 lovely writers…
1)  Which of the 5 senses is your most prized?  The one you could not do without.  Explain.
2)  Describe your most sensual encounter.
3)  Which sense turns you on the most?  Explain.
4)  Do you find yourself to be more sensual or sexual?
5)  Describe the most sensual kiss you’ve ever experienced.
6)  What perfume/cologne do you wear on a regular basis?
7)  Is there a part of your body you can’t handle having touched?  A part you especially love having touched?

Alrighty then…my nominees will be “warned” of their award within the week!  Looking forward to your answers…I’d love it if you could cut and paste them into the comments below as well as answer them on your own sites when you nominate your own favorite sensual bloggers.

If any of you (my readers) have a favorite sensual blog, please share the link in the comments.  I’m always looking to freshen up my blogroll with new reading material.


  • wordwytch

    Oh, and here are my answers to your questions… 1) Which of the 5 senses is your most prized? The one you could not do without. Explain. Sight. At this point in my life I love being able to read, write and create. That would be rather difficult without sight. 2) Describe your most sensual encounter. Damn… Um… I met a new lover about 11 years ago, and on our first 'night', he started out by combing my hair, and then proceeded to touch me everywhere in a very gentle and sensuous massage. He finally reached my clit, where upon I exploded. 3) Which sense turns you on the most? Explain. Scent. I love the smells of arousal and how they affect me. I'm pheromone driven. You could have the sexiest body in the world, but if you don't smell right, forget it. Wolf actually smells of Cinnamon and chocolate, which tips me over the edge. 4) Do you find yourself to be more sensual or sexual? Depends on the partner. I think it's pretty even.5) Describe the most sensual kiss you've ever experienced. He held me gently in his arms, bent my head back as he brought his lips down on mine. Brushed my lips with his and then slowly increased pressure until my lips opened. He licked and nipped my lips as we continued to kiss. When I thought I'd gasp, he moved back just long enough and then continued the kiss. All his attention was on my lips, my tongue, my mouth.6) What perfume/cologne do you wear on a regular basis? Sandalwood. Essential oil. 7) Is there a part of your body you can't handle having touched? A part you especially love having touched? Not real fond of anal play. Long story, not explaining. Especially like touched? Um… Just about anywhere else. 🙂 Breasts, clit, pussy all tie for first place.

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