I love it when he comes…

Well, first I must apologize for setting up the expectation of a post last night and then breaking that promise.  But, I’m not sorry for the reason why.

See, Mr. LL has been away since last weekend at training a few hours away.  Lucky dog has been staying in our lovely trailer right at the edge of a beautiful lake, 50 feet from the boat dock.  On Wednesday, he suggested I drive down Thursday after work, and call in sick Friday.

So I did.  I’m nothing if not a good follower of instructions that benefit me.  I dropped of the young’n at grandma’s, packed up the dog, and drove 2 hours.  Spent the earlier part of the evening just drinking beer and enjoying the fabulous weather and the view, dog at my feet, knowing I had permission to completely empty my brain.  There really is nothing more relaxing that camping for me – okay…maybe a massage.  Fresh air, quiet, and a whole lotta green.

Needless to say (but I will…cause that’s what this blog’s about), after being apart for 5 nights, we were in great need of each other.  The intention really was (after dinner and couple glasses of wine – I should have known) to get it out of our systems and still provide me time to write.  But….

Yah…you get it.

And, because Mr. LL can just go and go (sometimes to his chagrin), we did just that.  Unfortunately, and to my expected disappointment, he didn’t come.  It’s really the crowning glory for me…the final great satisfaction of sex – and I’m not fully satiated until his filled me with his warmth.  But, I curled into him, tired and swollen and sore, in a gigantic wet spot of my own creation (I don’t know how the man can make me come like that – cause he’s the only one who’s ever done it), and fell asleep to the promise of an early morning wake-up call of his face between my thighs and my cunt filled to overflowing.

He delivered.  Obviously better at keeping his promises than I am.

His tongue feather light on my still-sore and swollen pussy (he did a number on me last night), I grew more and more needful for him to simply turn me over and do what ever he needed to get off.  Sometimes I love it when he just uses me that way.  My face buried in the pillow, his balls slamming against my clit, I reached my hand between my thighs and touched them.  Not long after, his quiet moan gave way to my thoroughly pleased smile, as I felt him gush into me.  When he pulled out, I remained, ass in the air, waiting to feel him drip out of me.  I love the feeling of it washing over my throbbing and overly sensitive clit.

So, now…he is off at training and I have been left behind to shower, enjoy my morning coffee in the sunshine, and write a long, drawn-out excuse for not posting as I promised last night.  And it was HNT, too.

I am “planning” on writing an FFF post tonight…and I am still planning and writing a post solely for A (of course you all get the benefit of looking into my glass house).

Anyhow, I am off for now, to enjoy my morning reading dirty stories that I will later review for you.

Have a great day!

And thanks for all the compliments on the new site design…it took me awhile to get here – and I’m pretty pleased with it myself.  Especially the header and the color-scheme.

Here’s a little glimmer…I am sometimes a fan of basic white…fresh…clean…and ready to mess up…

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