Key Word  = Regret
Length = Any prime number
Extra Credit = Have the whole thing in Russian (just kidding)
Bonus Words – Tell  someone “I love you” for the 1st time this week
Bonus words must be added in Prime Number increments

So, I took up the challenge here and followed in Advizor’s footsteps…composing each paragraph of words to equal each of the prime numbers on the scale, in order…up to 59.  (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19…).  And let me tell you…that wasn’t easy to do AND keep with the photo…AND keep to the prompt…AND somehow create a story line.

On the Edge

“No way!”

“Oh, come on…”

He gave her that look.

That look she always fell hard for.

“No one here will ever remember you; no one knows you.”

“But what if someone calls the cops?  I couldn’t handle being arrested for public indecency.  Seriously.  No.”

He directed her to the balcony, placed her in the path of the sun, and watched her skin glow.

“Please…for me?  I have always wanted to put you on display, in front of the world, knowing that you are all mine.”

She rolled her eyes, “I’m going to need a shot of something…anything…a little liquid courage – or stupidity, more like – whatever, just something to help numb my inhibitions.”

He poured some expensive bourbon into a glass, lifted it to her lips, placed her head in the palm of his hand, and guided the hot liquor between her grinning lips.

She downed it all in one swallow, her eyes widening momentarily, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.  Coughing slightly, she smoothed her dress, stood up straight, composed, inhaled and exhaled sharply, preparing herself.

He poured himself a drink and sat down on the edge of the hotel bed as she made her way toward the open balcony door.  Stepping out onto the tile, looking straight ahead, she slowly unzipped the back of her dress. 

She guided it down around her hips, exposing that first tantalizing glimmer of her panties; he felt a twitch at the base of his cock.  Her vertebrae curved gently from her neck to the triangle of fabric at the top of her ass.

Sliding her thumbs under the elastic of her panties, she pulled them down, bending over to step out of them and kick the dress aside.  Her minimal clothing in a heap beside her, she stood, naked, on the balcony before him.  Her skin shone in the sunlight.

She lifted her hands up toward the sky, silently proclaiming her victory to the world.  The swell of one breast just visible from the side, he watched the shadows make love to the curve of her waist and hip and thigh.  Like slow, methodic, ocean waves, the lines of her body calmed him.

With his guidance, she could be unstoppable.  And he felt braver, more confident, and powerful because of her need for his prodding support.  Standing there, baring her body to the world, like a graceful statue, she embodied everything that he could ever want…a mortal woman, naked and vulnerable, imperfect and daring, defying possible regrets…willing to accept his challenge.

3 Replies to “On the Edge”

  1. I admit. When I saw the prompt about the prime numbers I was more than skeptical that a challenge so cerebral could turn into a compelling story, but I'll be damned if you didn't just pull it off.Great job,Octavia

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