Not that it is completely “new” news…but I figured, since I sharing my experiences, I might as well introduce the first “rules” that have been imposed…

1.  Mr. LL must find me naked whenever he comes to bed.  (This isn’t really a hard one, as we usually sleep in the buff…b-u-u-u-t – I prefer to sleep in some sort of pajamas because it’s more comfortable and because I get cold when Mr. LL isn’t there.  He has a screwy schedule and often works nights.  Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to get an hour or two with him in the bed, so…if I’m in pajamas, I’ve been told that I am to remove them before he gets there.

2.  When the kid’s away the parents will play…or something like that – Mr. LL says that when there are no children in the house, I am to wear a skirt, dress, or nightgown that allows easy access to my body at all times.

More than anything, these rules (and all the spankings for my bad behavior – like forgetting my phone or keys) add an element of intrigue and suspense.  His playfully forceful “I’m not going to ask, I’m just going to take what I want” attitude is sexy and fun because it puts me in a place I haven’t been before and requires an acceptance of “not knowing what’s coming” on my part.


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