Just a fun little “now and then” addition to the site to get some reader response and input.  From time to time, on a Monday (because that’s when I normally have nothing to write about…and even less motivation to create), I’ll ask a question.  Share your answers in the comments…or if you’d like to write something longer to be shared on the site, email me at kinkykitty@live.com.

What’s the most difficult sexual position you’ve ever tried?  Would you ever do it again…or was it purely for the challenge?

I find many complex sex positions to simply be comical…

Comics obtained with permission from 

For me…standing is always difficult.  I’m not very tall, so unless I’m in heels (could be sexy) or on a stool (sort of sad), it doesn’t work very well.  I’ve tried it in the shower (not as sexy – or easy – as it seems in the movies).  And I’m not a particular fan of the reverse cowgirl.

Really, I’m boring in this department.  That’s why I’m asking you.  Feel free to share pictures or links.

(Next Monday…I’ll tackle an “Ask Me Anything” question from a reader:  Am I a MILF?)

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