Guilt (click link to visit “Dear Sir”)

I’ve been a bit remiss in my “Dear Sir” posts…but, I’m falling back into line.

I saw an email that Mr. LL wrote to a potential submissive partner…and not only was I intrigued by his ability to take charge of a complete stranger, but I was also a bit jealous. I turned a bit green with envy, wishing it were me that he was directing with such authority.

He definitely does “dominate” me from time to time…and he really is the only one I allow it from…but when he does, it’s a complete turn on.

And somehow, stupidly I suppose, I was envious of this stranger.

We are, and always have been, equal partners.  But, I can be impulsive and juvenile, to say the least.  There are submissive parts of me that crave the dominant part in him.

Those parts seem to ebb and flow at whim.

Right now, I want him to own me.

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