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The SMARTEST Sex Bloggers

I’ll be honest…I often love words more than I love people.  That being said, I’m also sort of a word snob.  I can be easily intoxicated by an intelligent post on a sex blog.  I think too many people believe that sex-blogging is just that…writing about sex – in a raw, base, or trite way.  But, it can be so much more.  There are whole conversations happening out there, academic…introspective…educational writing about sex-related topics.  And the voices!  So many points of view…students, prostitutes, swingers, people writing about their affairs, doms, subs, kinksters, people in poly relationships, young people, old people, published authors, housewives…the list goes on.,r:0,s:0,i:91
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Sex is a big world providing endless fodder for the construction of words…thoughts into sentences into poems and commentaries.

I love that I can search through the titles on my “Voyeuristic Tendencies” blogroll and find fiction, poetry, research, personal experience, diaries, photography, and more.

Such a wonderful myriad of styles and topics revolving around one of my favorite subjects.

So which are the SMARTEST blogs, in my humble opinion?  Here are my top 10 (I left out any blog without a post in the past 2 months) –

Remittance Girl 
The Erotic Writer
Sex Geek
Sweet Lust 
Dick and Jane
My Sex Life with Lola
Quizzical Pussy
The Honest Courtesan

All of these blogs are so incredibly different…very much worth adding to your daily reading list – you’ll be smarter and sexier for after consuming their words.

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