The sexiest parts of a man… (HNT – featuring Mr. LL)

Oh…there are so many…

I truly revel in the male form; so many things to appreciate.  And, honestly, it’s different with every man.  Everyone has their best features – but overall…these are my top 5…or 6…

1) Eyes.  I’m a sucker for green or blue.  Blue, especially.  It’s what grabbed me the second I first saw my husband.  Intense blue eyes that offered me honesty and mystery.  Reel me in. That’s all I’m sayin’.  And glasses can be a definite turn on for me.

Can I have him for my birthday?

2) Lips.  Yes…they matter – even on a man.  Those lips are gonna be taking a trip across mine, between my breasts, around my nipples, across my belly and between my thighs.  They’d better be soft and strong.

3) Arms.  I don’t need buff or steroid-stretched shoulders with veins trying to rip through the skin.  No.  But, manly, muscled arms that can enclose me, grab me, control me are a must.  And tattoos are a lovely plus.  I’m a sucker for skin art. I would show my husband’s here, but his tattoos are too identifiable…and therefore, must remain in the shadows.

4) Thighs.  A place to rest my hands when my face is buried between them.  Hard, sexy, muscled legs that lead to the promise land.

5)  Ass.  A lovely thing to smack or grab or tease.  My hands find Mr. LL’s often during sex (and out of the bed, too)…like handles to help pull him harder into me.

I left off the obvious…because…well…it’s obvious.  I mean…if you appreciate the male body, you have to love the cock.  Which I do.  He wouldn’t be a man without it.

Mr. LL

Mr. LL

What are your favorite parts on a man?  And if you are a man…what parts of yourself do you appreciate or like the most?  What parts do you hope others notice?

And speaking of male anatomy…great post over on My Dissolute Life – Meditations on  My Cock.  Check it out.  Mr. LL says it smacks of The Multi-Orgasmic Man.


  • Angelwithatwist

    Yep eyes are my first thing. My husband was not muscular when we got together as such. But his job he has now has gotten him ripped. His muscles defined even when he is just relaxing.. makes me drool a little lol.

  • cammies on the floor

    Arms, completely agree with. And a smile, if it's genuine I feel like he's going to be able to relax, have fun, care for my pleasure. It it's forced, I feel he's going to be awkward in bed. If it's wolfish, I feel like he's going to be self-centered around his own pleasure. Oh my, and if he licks his lips I am immediately drawn towards his tongue, and image all the places it will delve and taste.

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