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Questions submitted by

1. Did you ever play strip poker (or strip spin-the-bottle, or similar)?
Did nudity result? Were there further developments? Details please.

Well, considering that I don’t know how to play poker…that’d be dumb, on my part…unless, of course, I wanted to be naked quick for my audience.  I haven’t been in that situation yet…but maybe someday?  I could totally see myself faking knowledge of poker, with the intent of ending the game, naked, as quickly as possible.

2. Did you ever play a nude party game, such as Naked Twister? Did it
lead to anything further?

Not to my recollection.  But, it sounds fun.  I could see instituting this at a swingers party.

3. Did you ever play a game of Truth or Dare that led to nudity, or
fondling, or more?

This one’s funny.  Quite probably inappropriate…considering my friends and I were only 15 at the time.  The temperature was probably somewhere between 20 and 40 degrees below zero.  It was late, late at night.  My friend took the dare…to run outside around the house, completely buck-ass naked.  She took off, encountered the chain link fence, decided to scale it and climb over.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t thinking about the moisture of her most sensitive area and what it would do when it came into contact with the metal of the fence.  Oh, yah.  Stuck.  My other friend and I laugh ourselves senseless as she held our naked chum balanced on the fence while I ran into the house to get a bucket of hot water.  Um…so glad it wasn’t me.

4. Did you ever attend a party that led to sex with a more or less randomly chosen partner, i.e., swingers-lifstyle party, key party*?
*key party – A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.

Well…yes.  Considering that’s something we do on a periodic basis.  I have several posts related to this topic:

5. Did you ever participate in unexpected co-ed skinny dipping in a

Yes, I have.  Several years ago, we got together with a bunch of friends and acquaintances at a cabin by a lake.  After several, several alcoholic beverages, our hosts led us all to the dock for a little swim.  It was dark as hell and the lake was inky black (which completely freaked me out).  I believe I jumped in, once on my own…and then the night went to hell when Mr. LL thought it would be funny to push me in.  I really didn’t want to go back in, and…without the warning, I was unable to keep my glasses on my face.  They went drifting to the bottom of the lake.  Somehow…his ring also managed to find its way to a watery grave.  In the morning.  I woke up in the same bed as our male host (nothing happened…honest), and the bed next to us was empty.  Yikes!  Raging hangover, be damned…I had to find Mr. LL.  So, I wondered up the trail to our car…to find him passed out in the front seat.  Mrs. Host had left sometime in the night.  Drove home like an idiot because she got wasted and overly dramatic, as usual.  The following summer…they found my glasses (quite a bit worse for wear).  But we never did find Mr. LL’s ring.

Bonus: Do you have a favorite fantasy about a sexy party?
Please share.

I always have party fantasies…simply because we’ve had several group/gathering experiences.  In fact…most of my fantasies involve more than one lover.  That isn’t to say that I don’t fantasize about Mr. LL…but I know I can have pretty much anything I want with him…so I have no real need to “fantasize”.

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