New Year…New Blog Plans

So, I’ve begun a bit of a side project…and am adding a new routine periodic post theme this year…

If you look at the list of page links at the top of the page, you will find an addition called “Dear Sir”…this is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, in one form or another…and somehow, today…it materialized, and I just went to town with it.  We’ll see where it takes me…and us.  My original intent was to do something somewhat like Anais Nin’s letters/stories to a paying patron who requested certain intimate information from her…challenging her to really explore the depths of feminine sexuality in her erotica.  But, I also thought of the concept of the letter…the intimacy of them thrills me…the exposition of the deepest human emotion.  Letters can be beautiful, and I think that we, as a modern society – writing emails and texts and tweets – have lost touch with the art.  So…of those interests and plans, this project has been born.  You can take it as fiction or truth.  You can even assume to be the recipient.

Click the image below to enter the world of “Dear Sir”

Also, I plan to do more “Sexiest Poets” and “Sexiest Writer” posts.  I love reading…and this just encourages me to go back to all that I used to read on a regular basis when I spent the majority of my days wandering the halls of the English department and writing literary analyses at the last minute, under the influence of entirely too much cheap red wine.

Ahhh…youth.  What a luxury to have had all that time to drown myself in books.

Basically, I’m going back to my academic roots, I suppose…and carrying my past into the present and future.

I’ve always been enthralled with the secrecy and judgement of erotic literature and art in history (hell…even now, I suppose) – it had a lurid, dreamy, romantic quality – a sort of dark innocence tinged with exotic dangers.

Of course, I’ll continue to do my regular posts on this site as well:  TMI Tuesday (when the questions grab me), Wicked Wednesday (when the mood strikes), and HNT (as often as I can).  What a year of writing this is going to be.

Lustfully yours,

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