Hotel pictures (HNT)

So…a few more anonymous hotel background photos for this HNT. I want to spend a little time working on Dear Sir tonight, and catching up on other peoples’ blogs.  So…on with the show…

There’s something about natural light…a sexy shoes…and men’s shirts…and black lace panties…and perfectly white sheets that someone else has to wash…

And something about having an incredibly sexy man tell me what to do for the camera…

And having ‘morning-after, good-time-had-by-all-four kind of night’ sex.

And then driving home to resume our real life.  Oh wait…this is our real life.  But, it’s like being Clark Kent and Superman at the same time.  Geeky conservative types during the day…heroic sex-fiends at night.  Okay…we aren’t really heroic.  And we aren’t sex-fiends.  We’re just normal people who like to have sex…a lot…and sometimes invite others to join us.

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  • Octavia

    My sentiments exactly. My wife and I try to live our lives as quietly and normally as our animal instincts allow. Nut on occasion we just go completely bonkers when no one else is around.Great post, and the visuals are lovely as always.Cheers,Octavia.

  • Brigit Delaney

    I think that is the joy and beauty of a long-term relationship: it is okay to live "as quietly and normally as our animal instincts allow" because the passion bubbles just below the surface and both people know that its there. Quite a comfort really, to know that one isn't required to be "on" all of the time…but when one is ready, one only has to ask – or give the look that is so well-known by the other.

  • Brigit Delaney

    Funny that…I wasn't at all concerned about what was on the other side of the wall at the time. I can only hope that it inspired the occupant/occupants to have a little fun, as well. Considering that we were up until 4, they really would have had no choice…and we never did get a noise complaint…soooooooo…. 🙂

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