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Best Posts of the New Year…

Good lord, we’re only 4 days in, and the sex blogosphere has been busy, which means I’ve been doing a lot of reading (darn).

My favorite sexy reads so far (and several of these are new to me):
Quickies in New York – Photography and Shorts…always a treat, but this week, more than one grabbed me:  “The Dirty Gentleman (#574)/”She used to read…” and “Mrs. Smith’s School for Wayward Catholic Girls”

NEW TO ME:  Red Region Inferno – “The Sexiest Blogs of 2012” offers up a whole list of great blogs, many of which I was not familiar with…but will be…soon.

NEW TO ME:  Drunken Slut Mum – I found this one while perusing Cliterati.  Definitely worth a read.

As one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to work up to submitting something for publication…this post caught my eye…and might catch yours:  Kristina Wright’s “Calls for Submissions, 2013”.

The year’s top sexual moments?  According to…Cammies on the floor, Always Each Other, and Girl on the Net.  Good idea…I may have to contribute to the theme…(whaddaya say, Mr. LL?).

NEW TO ME:  Also just found, Get a Grip…6 Sexy Authors Tell It Like It Is.

“A Quick Lesson for Guys”…by Marriage in the Bedroom – I swear…this guy cracks me up…it’s like reading something Mr. LL would write in so many ways.

“The Beauty and the Beast Trope: Children’s Stories for Child-like Minds” – Remittance Girl always has such wonderfully deep, academic literary posts.  This one is not disappointing.

MALFLIC – “Sometimes”

“Happy Endings Extended” – AbSINthePASSION – wow!  had to read this one out loud to Mr. LL…made my pants fit funny – and…led us to the bedroom.

My Sex Life with Lola – provided me with a lovely, introspective read on sex addiction and introduced me to a site I hadn’t read before (The Honest Courtesan) and a term that will lead to a later post (Obstinate Erotomania)…H.H.’s proclivity toward the metacognition of his sexual thoughts and actions is a total turn on to me – I lust after intelligence.

I love Will Crimson’s (of The Erotic Writer) “one sentence sex” posts…this week’s is lovely: “unsayable”. (I think he actually found the perfect words for what he says can’t be said.)

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