The Erotic Writer never fails to entertain and satisfy my craving for well-written sex. Monday’s post – and erotic definition called “Bondage”, written by Redbud kind of struck a cord with me as this seems to be a rising (though fledgling) theme in the LL bedroom.

Cliterati – I found this site for the first time on Monday – via Justine Elyot’s website.  Such fun – I had to share.  Not only do that have an inspiringly witting name – they host some great stuff! And can I just ask the obvious question?  Why are all the best sex sites and blogs coming out of the UK…you Brits must have sex in the bag.  Whatever you’re doin’, you’re doin’ it right!

And this one by Frisky in the 916 – one of my favorite topics – “Masturbation is Fun!” … damn straight! (I have to tell you, too…as an aside and an update…I finally caved and masturbated for my Mr. LL.  So what if it only took me 8 years and a whole lot of pleading on his part.)

Smutters – Advent Calendar Giveaway!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we intellectually justify it…  A lovely poem (and intriguing image) from Isabella

Holiday Sex – December Sex Blog Chain – from Prowling with Kat (exactly what it sounds like…lots of yummy stories with a holiday theme).

Domestic (Sex) Goddess – Always Each Other (Why do “ladybloggers” – that’s a term I’ve never heard before – always leave out the sex?  Are they not having it?  Unlikely.)

Trying Something New (a Brian and Estelle story) – Erotic Adventures (A Wicked Wednesdays post)

Stick it in your Ass – Cammies on the Floor (I laughed out loud…only because I know exactly what this feels like.)

I Like Variety – Frisky in the 916 (A Wicked Wednesdays post) – I totally get this one…the whole “labeling” and “monogamy” thing…the human need for more.

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