Nostalgic Pornography (HNT)

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I’ve always admired vintage pornography.  The colors, the tones, the effects, and the innocence.  There’s just something about those old photos that makes me a bit wistful.  This is my little homage to those ladies of old who bore all to the camera, with girlish smiles on their cherubic faces.

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  • Lola

    Last summer Lo and I entered an antique shop and they had lying out a 1980's copy of Playboy. So funny to see the stuff that got me off back in the day! So tame, so hairy. I think it was getting Lo off too. I should look into finding some vintage Playboy for her as a Christmas present.

  • Brigit Delaney

    A college boyfriend bought a vintage playboy…I think it was 1977 or something, with a work of fiction in it written by Henry Miller. It was an excellent gift. (But it disappeared with all of his things when he did…damn!) I'd like to track that issue down again.

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