Well, today is Sunday…and I’m nearly done with my writing hiatus.  Family is gone, the decorations will be boxed up as soon as I recover from New Year’s festivities, and I’ll be back to my routine.  Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come…

Tuesday -I commonly tackle TMI Tuesday, but I’m not interested in or inspired by this week’s prompt, so I’m a lot more likely to review my New Year’s Eve activities at a “sort-of” local “traveling” swingers group/gathering called Club Sapphire.  I’m sure Mr. LL and I can find all sorts of trouble to get into there.  They hire a band and take over a hotel.  Apparently, this party has brought in record reservations, so we’ll see how it goes.  We’ve done New Horizons – and from what I understand, this is an off-shoot of that original club…I went shopping (a whole blissful afternoon sans children) for a dress today (opted for “little black dress” chic over glam or glitz)…shoes tomorrow.  My kind of decadence, really.  I’m simple like that.

Wednesday – the prompt for Wicked Wednesday is “2013”.  Who doesn’t have a shitload to say about that? 

Thursday – more nekkid pitchers.  ‘Nuff said.

And to entertain you in the meantime:   I have a film suggestion.  I was perusing the video rentals at Safeway and came across Hysteria.  The storyline involves a young doctor, fed up and looking for a place to truly blossom in a medicinal field and make his mark really helping people.  In his desperation, he comes across a doctor who treats women for “hysteria”, a fairly common label for every female-malady that ever existed.  This “doctor” masturbates women to climax, helping them to relax, de-stress, and just plain feel better.  The young apprentice revels under the good doctor’s tutelage, but finds the work to be “painful’, eventually having to ice his hands between “sessions”.  His rich, rather eccentric “inventor” roommate, helps him to modify one of his inventions (an electric fan run on a generator) to create the world’s first vibrator.  After testing the prototype on a willing participant, they introduce the device to a plethora of high-class ladies at the doctor’s office.

Really, it was quite hilarious.  Even Mr. LL enjoyed it.  It’s not often that one finds such a naughty gem among the ranks of new releases at the grocery store video rental kiosk. 

So…there you have it.  Happy New Year…and I’ll see you in a few days!

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