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Love Letter 
When you come home,
I want you to take off all of your clothes and
slip into bed beside me.

When you touch me,
I want you to feel my love for you
pump its primal rhythm through my veins.

When you kiss my ready lips,
I want you to believe that I
need your arms to be my sanctuary.

When you push yourself inside of me,
I want you to release everything and 
let your concerns dissolve in our sweat.

When you reach the crescendo of pleasure,
I want you to open your eyes and really
look at what I become under your spell.

When you press your gaze,
I want you to see me –  as I
hold nothing back.

When you flick off the light,
I want you to embrace my whole body and
breathe softly into my neck.

When you rest your head on the pillow,
I want you to know that I could not
dream of a more worthy haven than this.

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