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Wicked Wednesday: “Change”

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is:

Age 10

Standing at the edge of the empty playground,
she whispered in my ear,
“He says you give him a boner.”
I asked her what “a boner” was.
She said I made him “hard.”
I asked her what that meant.
Her explanation caused roses to
bloom up the sides of my neck.

Age 13

We stood facing each other,
though I was at least 3 inches taller.
The only thought in my head was
“Please don’t let our braces lock.”

Age 16

He came all over the backseat of
my mother’s car.
I spent 20 minutes at the carwash
trying to erase it.

Age 19

I laid a towel on the floor
and we made a bloody mess of it.

Age 20

Her black curls and
freckled cheeks
tightened my thighs
and made me question
my intentions.

Age 23

I was already bored,
but I was sure it was love.
I’d never known a man
to want it less than I could.

Age 27

I met my match.

Age 28

He asked me what I thought
about the prospect of
a threesome.
I giggled.

Age 29

He asked me what I thought
about the prospect of
I cried.

Age 30

We went to a club,
left our clothing and
our inhibitions
in the locker room.
we ascended the stairs to
a red velvet wonderland of
curtained beds,
writhing bodies,
and moaning lovers.

Age 31

I checked the box.
I checked the box.

Age 3__

I sit next to him on the couch,
our laptop screens glowing like two eyes,
showing us whatever version of
the world we seek.
I write a poem about sexual identity.
He researches the election.

My poem could suck.
The guy we didn’t want could win.

We’ll still have sex.
And that’s the beauty of it.

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