1. When is the last time you or your loved one had their prostate checked?

Ummmm…sadly, I am not aware of the last time Mr. LL had to go through that unpleasantness.  I know we’ve discussed it though, as our female family doc likes to push that task onto a male doc in the office.  Guess she has a problem sticking her finger up a guy’s rear.

2. Besides a medical professional, how many other people have had their finger up your ass?

Well, no medical professionals have had their fingers up my ass.  But, I guess there have a been a handful of guys…more recently, as I was always way too self-conscious for it in my younger years.

3. Have you ever given or received a prostate massage? Did you like it? Did you cum or orgasm?

No.  I have not.  I’m not against it though.

4. Do you enjoy anal play–rimming, fingering, penetration, etc.?


5. Ever had anal sex?

A. No, and I don’t want to.

B. No, but I am dying to try it.
C. Yes, but it is just okay.
D. Yes, love it…can’t get enough of it.
E. That’s the way I like it. Anal sex is the best sex.

Yep. 🙂  It’s somewhere between C and D for me.  I like it when I have it, but it isn’t my first choice most of the time.  I think I’ve actually requested it only a few times, though sex has led to it more than that.  I have only had anal sex with my husband…and one guy in college (which was an absolute disaster and left me feeling a bit violated – even though I had consented and we were in a consensual, respectful relationship).

6. You are about to have anal sex, which method would you choose (You must choose one.):

A. Finger up the ass
B. Prostate stimulator/massager
C. Penis–real or strap-on

Any of the above, really.  


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