To begin…this is a “kill two birds with one stone” sort of post.  It’s HNT…and I haven’t really been great about coming up with new material.  It’s definitely a goal of mine to do better at this.  I’m just not a wonderful model (by which I mean, I don’t follow direction well and I freak out when I’m in front of the camera), so I normally do my own photographs (which takes all day, since I have to take 100 to get 3 that work).  Mr. LL took this one tonight – and I think it worked.  I got a little inspiration from a photo I saw elsewhere…

I thought…books!  That’s it…what a great way to go incognito and still be sexy.  So, here you have it…

In fact…this might be the beginning of a series of HNT posts with books at the center.  Why not?  After all, I AM the Lustful Literate, aren’t I?

So here’s the second stone…as a part of my “30 Days of Sexy Gratitude”…I’m thankful for erotica.  And I’m thankful for the words that create it…and the authors who weave those words…and the readers who consume them.  From the earliest sex writers to today’s…thank you for inspiring lust for literates.

And while I’m at it…a shout out to Cleis Press!  Got ANOTHER package of materials to review in the mail.  I’m most excited about this one (just because I have a fetish for men in uniform):

But this one also appeals:

More on these later.  It’s time to read.  Naked.  Maybe out loud to Mr. LL.  Foreplay?

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