On Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Male Strippers, Butt Plugs, Red Wine, and Being Held Down

So, last night I learned a few things about my desires during and after watching Magic Mike with my husband.  Of course, I also reminded myself of a few things I already knew, as well.  Let’s start with what I knew:

1.  Matthew McConaughey is hot, even when he’s playing a freak in a yellow crop top and hot pants.

2.  Male stripper shows are a blast…full of showmanship, dirty humor, and drunk women who objectify men just as much as men objectify women.  I prefer the shows to the plain-old strip club atmosphere, mainly because of the increased entertainment quality of the shows.  I feel the same about the women…burlesque theatre is way more fun than a simple strip club.

3.  I like men who take control.  I mean…really…take…control.

4.  Butt plugs are a fun sexual accessory.

5.  Red wine makes me do things I might otherwise not.

Alright…now on to the stuff I learned.

1.  Mathew McConaughey’s recent roles are growing more and more bizarre.  He seems to be following a similar path to that of Woody Harrelson – cute young hunks who played in lots of sweet comedies, then began to age, and (in order to avoid type-casting?) took on weirder and weirder roles until they were, in fact, weird.  Or maybe eccentric is a better word?  Anyhow…my epiphany was this – I find them both hot…and now that they’re both weird, I bet being caught between them, naked, would be a crazy blast.   I basically have given myself fodder for years’ worth of fantasies by putting these guys in one bed in my head.  What other crazy hotties can I add to my mental orgy?

2.  Watching male strippers on television is fun (better than porn, for me, actually) – maybe not as fun as watching them in real life or having a real-life lap dance.  Bonus:  Mr. LL didn’t hate the film…in fact, quite the opposite.  I also had to admit that I found out I have a subconscious thing for the “b-boy” look that I consciously detest.  Those sweats and sideways hats always make me groan, but somehow…this worked.

3.  I’m having moments in which I really want Mr. LL to take the reigns and make me do what he wants.  I love it when he holds me down or physically restrains me.  After watching this film, I was properly turned on and ready to go, having said yes to 1 or more extra glasses of red wine that I should not have had (always nice to hit work on Monday morning with a hangover and no sleep because you were up too late fucking).  Could this be the beginning of S & M in the LL household?  Oddly enough, I really can’t stand reading about BDSM.  I skip those stories in anthologies and just never really get much out of them.  The spankings, the ropes, the pain.  It just doesn’t do it for me.  So, why is it that being held down does?  Hmmm….I’ll keep chewing on that and see what I come up with.

4.  The little butt plug is no longer acceptable.  It pops out at the most inopportune time.  Guess, I’ll have to upgrade.  Also, Mr. LL mentioned a fantasy last night of making me wear one all day at work.  Hmmm…I’m not saying no, yet.  Of course, I’m not saying yes, either.  That’s a thought for now and a decision for another day.

5.  I can have a delayed orgasm.  Sounds weird, huh?  Let me explain.  So, Mr. LL is busy fucking me doggy style, and comes a great, hot load.  As soon as he pulls out, the cum spills out.  I stay in position as he rubs my clit a little, which instantly leads me to orgasm.  In fact, I squirted all over him and the bed, and the more I laughed, the more I gushed.  It was a totally odd sensation, to orgasm without anything touching my pussy besides my husband’s finger tip and his dripping cum.  Who knew that stuff was so powerful?

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  • angel shrout

    I sw the movie in theater. A crowded mainly female audience, and me being me cracked on the guys who did arrive with their women, statements like oh yeah you know you are getting laid tonight cowboy doncha..yeah I am a meanie like that. I think I can explain the difference between being taken and being bound. When he holds you down with his own body it is a statement of desire and passion, he wants you then. The sex is intense because the want and need is strong enough to overpower you and him. When you add the other stuff it changes the feel and vibe. Now it becomes one of dominance that could involve no sexual contact and pain. distinct difference..

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