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New “Voyeuristic Tendencies”…and where the hell are all the male sex bloggers?


Check out the growing list of blogs that I follow.  There’s some really good and dirty stuff to be read out there in the wide-world of sex-blog land.  And that’s something to be thankful for, if you are an erotic writer yourself.  There’s nothing more stimulating and motivating than reading someone else’s titillating travails or experiences.

But, I must say, as I peruse new sex blogs – their appearance really does make a first impression that can either turn me on or off in less time than it takes me to cum with a vibrator (which is about 30 seconds).

Color and Design:  What I found was that sites with pastel backgrounds and rounded text say “teenage girl’s bedroom” all over them.  I seem to have a preference for darker or more demure colors, and simpler themes.  The more flash and ads, the less likely I’ll stick around.  If there’s too much going on, my ADD gets the better of me, and I can’t focus on the words.  And I don’t care enough to work that hard at getting to know a new blog.  The header is the first thing a reader sees, so it’s important that it look somewhat professional and artistic.

Content:  Additionally, if I don’t see something I like within the first few posts, I’ll move on.  There are just too many other good blogs to read, rather than wasting my time searching for a grain of sexy sand on a dry, bland beach of lifeless posts.  A great personal experience that puts me in the moment, a poem or story that pulls me in…something that gets my juices flowing.

Navigational ease is also a must:  I like links at the top that make it simple to find the sexiest stuff.  Sidebars?  One or none, please.  I like to focus on the present content, not a thousand links, buttons, badges, widgets, or gadgets.

Maturity:  I also, can tell, instantly, if the writer is too young, too inexperienced, or too whiny for my personal commitment.  Complaining about parents or a boyfriend who won’t call anymore – oh, woe is me, what have I done wrong? …blech!  I’ll find my “adult” entertainment elsewhere.

What I am attracted to?  Vocabulary.  It’s as simple as that.  Complex word-work and diligently crafted sentences.  It isn’t about how many times you can use the word cock or cunt to shock or amuse.  It’s actually about avoiding them, in lieu of a wider array of terms and themes.  Similarly, if there are dozens of spelling or grammar mistakes, or if the writer refuses to use capitalization or punctuation, my fingers will do the walking…right on to another blog.

While photos aren’t absolutely necessary, if there isn’t much text, I’m out.  If the photos that are there aren’t tantalizing or artistic – making the blog look more like a hack porn site, that’ll send my on my way in a hurry, too.

I’ve spent the better part of the day blog-surfing.  Go ahead and benefit from my research by scrolling through my blogroll.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Really.


Seriously, if anyone has a suggestion or 2 for sex blogs with male authors, please let me know.  It isn’t that I don’t love reading the experiences of women, but the male perspective is valuable to me too, and there seems to be a serious lack of men writing erotica and personal experience out there.  Please tell me I’m wrong and that I’m just not walking down the right dark alleys of the internet.  And if I am…please take my hand and lead me down the naughty path to the destinations I crave.  I don’t even care if you blindfold me, as long as I can open my eyes when we get there.

I should give credit here to the male-authored or male co-authored blogs that I do know about…

Quickies in New York
My Sex Life with Lola
Under Contract to My Wife
Marriage in the Bedroom
Perverted Imp
The Erotic Writer
Hands in My Pants
abSINthe Passion
Client Nine and a Half
Fruits of Libido
A View from the Top
in my little pocket of the world

Several of these are new to me (as in, I just found them today on my OCD hunt for male sex bloggers), so I can’t really speak to their greatness.  Needless to say, I’m happy to have found them, regardless.

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