Everyone else is doing it, so why not me?  November, the month of remembering what we’re thankful for, has come upon us – and even though I am 3 days behind, I’m going to jump on this horse and ride (a little inside joke for a reader of mine).

1.  I praise the gods above that I married a man who loves to go down on me (he’s pretty much a rockstar when his face is between my thighs).
2.  My capacity for multiple orgasms is a blessing.
3.  And while we’re at it – I’ll say thanks for the ability to gush all over the sheets.

So there you have it – days one to three (I’ll embed the rest in posts hereafter).  I’m starting small here, but I’m at least getting my feet in the water again.  I’ve been out of sorts lately – just plain not feelin’ it.  Not the sex part…just the writing-about-sex part.  I simply haven’t had any great ideas.  In fact, I haven’t had ANY ideas.  Which is disconcerting and disappointing, to say the least.

I’m trying, though.  Rest assured.

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