Tent Sex

Okay…I was supposed to do this post a month ago.  And I just have not. been. in. the. mood. to. write.  About anything.  For anyone.  For any reason.

It’s hard to motivate myself.

Especially without comments.

Or inspiration.

It’s not that I’m not having sex.  And it’s not like I am not having “sexy” ideas.  I just have a hard time fitting it all in – work, fitness, reading, house-keeping…

Many nights, I don’t even open up my laptop.

I’m not sure how to remedy this.  I’ve tried lots of things to get my posts out there.  But, ultimately, if people aren’t commenting, either my stuff is crap and not worth responding to, or the stats on Blogger are lying to me.

Anyhow.  Onward and upward.

Last month, Mr. LL and I went on a 3 day hike into the wilderness.  Loaded up with 40+ lbs of shit on my back, a dog, and a walking stick, I set forth behind my beloved to breathe in nature.  I loved it, actually.  Until the endless uphill.  And, when it cam time to set up camp, I was so fricking sweaty and smelly, and exhausted, that the prospect of having sex in the woods was a helluva lot less enticing than it had seemed in my head earlier in the day.  We both fell asleep before nine.  Without sex.

The second night, we trudged ahead, regardless of the smell and the sweat and the sticky skin.  Really.  Sweaty, smelly, people are not sexy, no matter how hard Hollywood or Porn try to make it seem so.  Mr. LL rolled me over on to my knees, plunged in a few times, and released his load (quite a bit more quickly than normal).  It was hardly satisfying for either of us…more of a “dammit-to-hell-we-came-out-here-to-be-together-and-we’re-going-to-do-this-even-if-it-sucks” kind of sex.

Maybe I need to read this book.

Tent Sex


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