Usually, we do not invite people with whom we “play” into our home.  We like to keep our vanilla and our “multi-flavor” lives separate.  On occasion, we have become close enough friends with another couple to invite them over (or vice versa).

Our preference is out of town and at a hotel.  We like to chat it up at a restaurant, flirt, fondle, confuse the waitstaff by switching seats, get tipsy and handsy…even downright dirty in public.  And since we live in a fairly small town, why on earth would we choose to play in our own back yard?  It can’t always be avoided…hell, it’s hard enough to arrange a “date” with our busy schedules.  And we are lucky enough to have a few “local” couples we like to hang out with, who understand the need for discretion.

But, it is a helluva lot more fun to throw caution to the wind and let it all hang loose.

The irony here is that it’s a lot easier (for me, at least) to relax and get wild in my own bedroom.  Let’s just say I ain’t a quiet little thing…so being in a hotel can kind of make me feel self-conscious.  In fact, we have a running joke based on an incident in a local hotel – a friend of mine was “shooshed” by her husband because she was enjoying herself too loudly.  Neither one of us like to be “shooshed”.  And we do what we can to avoid it.  “Shooshing” is a libido shrinker…a mood killer…a pretty instant way to piss a chick off.  So, that’s the drawback of a hotel.  At least, in my own home…I don’t have to worry about being “shooshed”.

So, what about you?  Where do you play?  Do you prefer a club, a hotel, a house party, your own home, someone else’s?

Just wondering.

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