Thanks for the question, N.A.

“perfume ? a sexual starting place….the thought of ” he loves this one…if i put this on now, he’s going to want me…. ” etc . ever happen, or does not apply in the LL household?”


Oh goodness, yes!  The sense of smell is a huge part of who we are.  Smell can draw up both good and bad memories, send us to a particular place, impact our mood and our ability to think, process, and remember.

Both Mr. LL and I have different scents for different occasions – daily wear and date nights.  And the differences between the scents are quite dramatic.  For example, my daily scent is light, sort of sweet, and crisp.  My “date night” scent is deeper, muskier, and much more powerful.  The same goes for Mr. LL’s day vs. night choices.  In fact, his going out scent is actually called “Sexual”.  Go figure.  And let me tell you….it lives up to its name.  When we went searching for a new fragrance for him, the whole point was whether or not I liked it, and whether or not it made me hot.  This one made me want to maul him right then and there in the perfume department at Macy’s.  It was a clear and instant winner.

One of my going out (or staying in, what have you) scents is shaped like an hourglass and comes in a box that resembles a corset.  Subtle marketing, eh?  It does seem that our choices for “sexy” scents have a lot more going on in the musk and spice department.  They hang onto the skin longer and probably blend with and enhance our own natural scents in a complimentary way.  At least that’s my guess.

I also very much like Angel, but it’s quite a bit more expensive – so I use it sparingly.  However, it is a guaranteed ticket to a night of neck-nuzzling and ear-nibbling.  This one is Mr. LL’s favorite.  He calls it my “whore stench”.

And I’ve always loved DKNY’s Cashmere Mist.

Fragrance is such a personal pursuit.  Every scent smells different on every skin.  So, a recommendation is a waste of time, really.  The only way to do it is to grab someone whom you hope to turn on, and run to your nearest perfume department.  Try a few of them.  Make sure to give them time to set into the skin to see how they change with your own chemistry. We make a whole day of it.  And, ultimately, considering the cost of a good fragrance, putting in the time is worth it.

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