Well, “n.a.”, my dear reader.  You asked me this:  “Baby oil, yay or nay?”  So here is your answer.

I, personally, am not a fan of oils at all.  Even when I get a professional massage, I usually come right home and take a shower to get it off.  Oils tend to ruin clothing, soak into sheets…they are all around just messy.

I know, I know, that whole “slippery” and “wet” thing can be hot – shiny, slick skin you can see your own smile in – and I suppose the image is nice.  But the reality is that I am the laundress in our household – so I’m pretty much against it.  I never even used it on my son when he was a baby.  I have always preferred lotions since they soak in and do less damage to fabrics.  Even for massage use (at home, at least), it’s lotion in the L.L. household.

Then, of course, many people (including me) also have the less than appealing reality of allergies and reactions to oils and lotions…and, unfortunately personal lubricants, as well.  So, care must be taken when reading labels, and avoiding possible problem ingredients.

We stick to natural ingredients and organic products when possible.  I’ve heard that grapeseed oil is a good natural substitute, but of course, oils have been know to break down condoms.  We don’t need them at home on a regular basis – only when we play with others.  But, the whole condom and lubricant combo thing seems to be a very personal issue, especially for women.  Everyone seems to have the one or two things they can use or the few brands they like best.  I can’t use latex, others have problems with non-latex options.

We’ve been using I.D. Moments hypo-allergenic lube.

The salesgirl at our local store also recommended Pink (she said she’s heard other women who have issues with lube have liked that brand the best).  Then she asked be why it is such a big deal for us?  Well, honestly, anything with sugar, flavor, or any number of disagreeable ingredients can and will cause a yeast infection for some women.  It can do the same to men.  KY even did it to me.  The most innocent looking ingredients can cause the most unpleasant reactions.

So, back to the original question…baby oil?  Hate to be a spoil sport, but no.  Like I said, however, the image of slick skin against slick skin is intoxicating….maybe I’d trade the oil in for a soapy shower instead?


Any suggestions, comments, reactions from other readers regarding this question are welcome!

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