So, I’m sitting here, trying to come up with topics.  Maybe rather than ME coming up with the topics…YOU could ask me questions.

Let’s put it this way:  I’m not always thinking about sex (really).  And so I’m not always able to come up with good sex-related topics.  And I know that many of you read my stuff to “get into the head of a woman”.  So, here’s your chance – what do you want to know?

You can use the comments section – or you can email me directly (which people seem to prefer – I’m not sure why – maybe the possibility for a more personal exchange?).   Really – you ask it, I’ll answer it.  I promise.  I’ve got nothing to hide.  At least I don’t think I do.  And maybe people can share their own answers to the questions in the comments?  Just a thought.

Really, I’m trying to come up with a system that will force me to sit my ass in the chair and write on a regular basis.  I seem to work best on a schedule with deadlines (maybe there’s a bit of a masochist in me – I need to be tied to a chair and whipped into action).

I should probably have a day for poetry, a day for personal experience, a day for fiction, and a day for responding to questions.  That would be a good start I suppose.  Oh, and we can’t forget HNT.  We’ll try it and see how it works.  As my vacation is coming to an end, and I get busier, ironically, it will probably be a more prolific writing time for me.  I tend to work that way.  I either stop everything alltogether, or I happily (with medication – both self-induced and prescribed) overwork myself.  Call it productive anxiety…or mania.  Whatever.  It gets the job done.

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5 Replies to “Ask Me Anything…”

  1. perfume ? a sexual starting place….the thought of " he loves this one…if iput this on now, he's going to wantme…. " etc .ever happen, or does not apply inthe LL household /

  2. do you like your' husband to masturbate in front of you, if yes/no, whyyes/no .does your husband like you to masturbate in front of him, yes/nothanks .

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