How to stop masturbating


In my internet travels, I do find the most bizarre things. This was one of them. I suppose I understand the need to curb addictions. I mean, if masturbation is taking over your life, making you late for work…if you chose it over food or human companionship, or if you do it in inappropriate places, I guess I can see why a person would want to slow down or stop it altogether. But, as I am not one of those people, I find the whole thing silly. Masturbation is healthy. It allows for a release. And it’s a helluva lot more satisfying than a cigarette or a drink. Nothing quite like an orgasm. Just today, for example, I was at home alone. Husband at work, kids gone to grandma’s. What to do, what to do? So I pulled out a few of my trusty friends and got to work. The joy of today was that I got to actually “see” myself come…the gush and all, sitting spread-legged in front of the closet mirror. I have this great vibrator that bends to hit just the right angle…

I was wearing crotchless panties at the time and ended up having to remove them because I was making such a mess (plus, let’s be honest, I just wanted to watch what kind of mess I was capable of). It was heaven, but like anyone, I wanted more than heaven, so I added this…

…to my backside. Took a few minutes to get just the right position and angle, but once I did – yowsa!

Between the two, all I could think is – how can I manage a little DP in real life? Much harder to get just the right angle and rhythm with real people. And being able to watch myself gush and dribble with every thrust of the dildo was pretty engaging, I must say. Call it narcissism, or whatever. I like watching myself get off.

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