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    Photographs (fiction, part 3)

    Listen instead: part 1        part 2part 3 The next morning, Tanya made it to the bus stop even earlier than normal, having walked there quickly and with an uncharacteristic determination in her step.  It wasn’t quite the expectation that she’d see him, or another photograph; she found herself feeling something she hadn’t felt since she was a girl.  Hope.  Sheer, blind, disconnected hope.  Hope for something unknown.  That innocent desire that brings a flutter to the chest and a heaviness to the belly.  An anxious, slippery hope…which the bearer knows could just as easily turn to disappointment.  So tenuous.  So fragile.  So delicious. Her gaze quickly flitted to…

  • Experience

    The Taming of the “Screw”: why technique matters

    Okay, so I didn’t get around to posting on Saturday.  My weekend got away with me.  And even when I did have time, the conditions were not right.  So here it is Monday – such a grand and glorious day.  The conditions are still not necessarily right, but it’s quiet enough now, so I’m going to take advantage of it. A few posts back, I considered the issue of size – and whether or not it really matters.  I suppose for some women it does (or at least appears to matter).  I’d like to posit that it isn’t really the size, it’s the technique.  As long as a guy has…

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    HNT: save the date

    So, it’s nearly bedtime here in our sleepy little town, but I wanted to get this post out.  I haven’t been a very productive writer as of late.  Too much going on at work, not enough motivation…you get the drift.  My mind just hasn’t been in the right place. I really am looking forward to a bit of vacation time – I plan to devote a goodly portion of my evening hours to this project.  I’ve got several ideas for my current story.  And I need to get myself going on an ode (the next poetic form on my list)…plus a host of posts that are currently in the “draft”…

  • Erotic Bedtime Stories podcast,  Fiction

    Photographs (fiction, part 2)

    Listen instead: part 1        part 2part 3 The time at work couldn’t pass fast enough, and as she half walked, half ran to meet her bus, she nervously considered taking a different route, to avoid any possibility of bumping into the stranger.  It was a strange feeling – wanting to confront him and wanting to avoid him at the same time. When the bus rolled to a stop, the doors opened and passengers poured onto the sidewalk around her.  She waited until the entrance was clear and then ascended the three stairs, glancing skittishly to the back of the bus.  Her stomach tightened and released, expanding with a…

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    Sunlight (HNT)

    Heat   The sun’s warmth stains the sheets. It filters through the window, caressing skin, like the touch of a lover, confident and prolonged. He whispers heat across my face, and tells me the time is coming for him to rise above me, the pleasure-burn on my skin, red prints – the marks of his bold touch.

  • Erotic Bedtime Stories podcast,  Fiction

    Photographs (fiction, part 1)

    Listen instead: part 1        part 2part 3 Tanya was a pretty, yet plain woman.  The only thing that set her apart from the crowd was her hair — a fiery orange-red and naturally curly.  She kept it long only because she had no other choice.  If she cut it, she’d be sporting an afro, which would look odd atop her 5’7″, 140 pound, translucently pale and abundantly freckled frame.  She wore simple, dark clothing and avoided patterns, figuring her hair was resplendent enough.  Even her eyes seem to know better and kept themselves to a light gray most days. She worked downtown as a legal secretary (not the…

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