Letter to My Lover

Poetic Form: Epistle (with the added bonus of stanzas written in Haiku)  
Epistolary poems, from the Latin “epistula” for “letter,” are, quite literally, poems that read as letters. As poems of direct address, they can be intimate and colloquial or formal and measured. The subject matter can range from philosophical investigation to a declaration of love to a list of errands, and epistles can take any form, from heroic couplets to free verse.

A Letter to My Lover

The smell of your sex,
like perfume, lingers on skin,
so tangibly thick.

Each fingerprint bruised
into the surface of my flesh
reminds me of night.

The heavy pipe smoke
has saturated my hair
and pools in each pore.

Awake at morning,
my thoughts wander down freely
to rest on my thighs:

The ghost of your weight
presses itself between them,
and I open wide —

A voracious mouth,
desperate to be filled with you,
and overflowing.

A mess on the sheets,
evidence of our union,
is still dark and damp.

I lie here naked,
drunk and dazed by thoughts of you,
eagerly waiting.

http://500px.com/photo/5699412 – Bjoern Mainz (photographer)
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