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Going Down on Girls

Poetic Form:  The Haibun

Examples of the form.

Going Down on Girls

The first time I went down on a girl, our husbands were watching.  I’m sure they were both smiling as wide as the horizon in a desert — red, swollen with heat, and seemingly endless.  The problem was, I couldn’t find her clitoris.  And it isn’t like I wouldn’t know where to find it…that tender little nub of sensory perfection — I find mine on a daily basis.  No, it just didn’t seem to be there.  What does a girl do with a flat…or, dare I say, concave pleasure button?  As my tongue licked blind figure eights in the general vicinity of where her clit should have been, a war waged in my head.  I knew I was being watched by two men who were thoroughly enjoying the scene.  Why wouldn’t they?  Two naked women — one with her head buried between the others’ thighs.  It’s a beautiful sight really.  I can only imagine her – head bent back, mouth open, back arched.  But at the time, all I could think is – where the fuck is it?  Eventually I gave up the search and just licked and sucked with wild abandon, hoping I’d manage to graze it enough times to get her off.  Maybe she faked it…I sure as hell did.  In all reality, I don’t even really remember what she looked like.  It didn’t really matter.

True sexual pleasure
cannot be felt anywhere
but the subconscious.

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  • H

    awesome, it makes me feel better, to know that woman can't always find another womans clit either, I hate inverted clits

  • The Wild Beast

    I had an experience like that recently. You may remember…you were there, too! Lol The other girl said it was practically nonexistent. I had no idea how true that could be! I have found my tongue ring helps enormously though!

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