As you may notice…I’m in the process of changing some things around here…cleaning house in some respects — making it dirtier in others.  Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback: what you like, what you don’t, what you hope to see, or hope you never see again.  I’m about to have a large chunk of time to really play here, so I’m gearing up for a season of serious writing (and if you’re lucky, a bit of personal photography).  The new header image (yep, that’s me) is just one example.

Things might not look like this for long.  Until I really find a good fit (it’s kinda like a condom, I suppose), things just aren’t going to go smoothly.

“Bare” with me.  I go through this about twice a year – sometime in late spring and sometime in late winter.  This absurd need to re-invent myself or at least metamorphose in some small way.  I suppose it’s similar to coloring my hair – a safe change.  But then, safe changes are the gateway drug to total alteration.  Who knows where this will lead…

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