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Crotchless panties (tryptic) HNT, Reader’s POLL, and Haiku

Crotchless panties are sold by the box-loads from all sorts of lingerie stores, but where did they come from?  Honestly, it isn’t really a sexy history.  Crotchless underwear (usually in the form of “bloomers”) were worn to facilitate “nature’s call”, back when undressing was too complicated a process to do it quickly enough to relieve one’s self.  As the “bloomer” shortened and tightened over the ages, and as clothing became less involved, the need for crotchless garments disappeared.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the desire for them followed.

Now, they’re more of a novelty, and I suppose the pair in these photos was well worth the purchase.  Sex without them is easier, but I guess it’s not really about the sex, now is it?  It’s the visual stimulation of lingerie.  Funny how a bit of lace, ribbon, and elastic can do so much to our psyche – even more than bare skin.  Add some heels, lipstick, stockings…

For all of us, it’s something.  Something about certain accessories and clothing items that turns us on.  For me, it’s boxers, military style or police uniforms, tight-fit t-shirts, and Levis 501s.  I’m simple like that.
What does my man like?  Well…these were certainly a hit.  But, I know he’s big on garters, thigh highs, heels, and low necklines.  That pretty much just described the entire male species, huh?  In all reality, I think he likes just plain, old naked best of all.  Personally, I agree with him.  However, I can see the draw to lingerie. 

(a haiku in three parts)
Spreading, slightly, my
little, red peek-a-boo slit —
which glistens with lust,
I slip one finger,
then another, deep inside —
pressing the trigger.

Soaked sheets reveal best
the satisfaction achieved —
whets my appetite.


  • H

    stocking highlight your a womans legs and as the stop mid thigh they also highlight a womans hips, I love them.second choice woujld be High heels but it a tie with panties.

  • The Wild Beast

    On a man, a uniform is a given. However, no matter how hard I try, I just can't resist a man in cowboy boots, hat and tight Wranglers. Makes me all jello inside and wet outside!On a woman, I have to go with the thigh highs and heels with a short skirt and sexy blouse. Yummy!

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