So…I’m an in a very sexy, wonderful position:  I have the opportunity and capability of enticing and seducing several men (and their wives).  There’s a little list, and it’s growing…they’re smart, sexy, savvy, and sexually open…ready for my invitation.  And it makes me feel powerful, and confident…an amazing aphrodisiac.

It puts me in a position that makes me recall my erotica writing mentor – Anais Nin…she wrote several stories at the direction of a rich, anonymous patron who requested that she reveal the innermost sanctum of a woman’s mind and desire.

That’s actually how this blog surfaced.  My husband continually prodded and probed for information – fantasies, desires, thoughts…that sort of thing.

But, recent events have got me thinking.  I write well to a prompt.  I love to be probed and prodded (tee hee)…so ask away.  What would you like me to write?  What would you like to know?  What can I do to serve you?  Please, please…give me direction.  I follow orders so well.

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  1. This is detail oriented and a very broad topic but, what kind of woman would you choose for your husband as his "other" and why? Aside from all of the rules, protocols, and satisfaction of the inner possessive juvenile that it would entail. What does she look like, what does she do? Is she educated or vapid? Is she married or single, would she be a mere acquaintance and held at arms length or someone to have a glass of wine and shop with. What kind of woman is she and why is she there?

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