I actually hadn’t ever thought of video/computer sex games…but I suppose it makes good sense.  I especially like the idea that video games could bring virtual sex to a whole new level…and that they could supplement play between two or more people.  The Wii “We Dare” game looks fun…but seems to have come up against some pretty demanding protest.  The two games that seem to get the most play in articles about video sex games are “Bonetown” and “Dark Room Sex Game” (which sounds the most intriguing for use with one couple).

After all my research…these three look the most promising…

1.  Dark Room Sex Game (wii)

2.  We Dare (wii)

3.  Bonetown

Anyone out there played any of these games?  Are they worth it?  Please comment, because I have really no clue – it just sounded like an interesting activity to look into.

Then…there are these…online games…

ThriXXX – Interactive 3D Sex Games

Virtual Fem

Articles (for those of you who want to read up on them):

Sex Games go Hands-Free

List of Erotic Video Games

5 Ways Video Games Are About to Get Way More Fuckable

Playing with Sex

Welcome to oh oh ooooh6

Sexual Video Games are Good For Us

Online (for those of you who just want to get on with it):





NewGrounds.com (adult features)

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