Shaving without pain? (HNT!)

Ahhhh…a freshly shaven pussy is a beautiful thing.


So, yes…I remember a time when I was wild and free…my bush trimmed, but certainly not absent. I started shaving my bikini line in high school…but the real shaving didn’t begin until I met my husband. He has been “clean shaven” for years (way before I got a hold of him)…smooth balls are nice against your chin…and no wayward hairs to get stuck between teeth or at the back of the throat (ee-gads, I hate that). So, he made the fair request that I, too, go bare.

The first time I shaved…I broke out in a rash almost immediately. But, I had liked the feeling of being hairless so much, that I knew I was going to have a to find a way to at least keep it somewhat maintained. I tried a Brazilian wax once (maybe twice, I can’t remember). It was so horrendously painful (and yes, I’ve had children and been tattooed several times, so I know what pain is and can usually get through it). I just couldn’t face it again.

So, I found myself a couple of decent tools (the to keep myself trimmed up without much “after burn”) . But I still have to go a few weeks between shaves. I can’t do it daily or weekly, because I still tend to rash up. I wish I had a better system, and I have researched it extensively, but none of the tips seem to work to keep the razor burn at bay. I’ve experimented with different shave creams, water temp, shaving while submerged in water, after lotions, creams to help control in-grown hairs….none of it works.  It isn’t the shaving that’s the problem…it’s the maintenance afterward.

Anyone have any great ideas…something I may not have thought of trying?

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  • Someone in t-town

    Nice shot! It's full on Brazilian for me. First did it last year as a present for my hubby; on MY bday, which friends thought was rather odd of me; but hey, I had the guts up to go through the pain, so I thought I'd better just get it over with! You gotta keep up with the maintenance though, and it's pricey, but well worth the divideneds. Ingrowns are horrible. It's a hard loofah for me daily, while skin is dry (according to the "queen of vag" who does my wax). THEN, it's 'vanish pfb' moisturizing serum, purchased through the queen again, but IT WORKS!!! for men and women. It's like Ban roll on deodorant. So far, so good, and it's been a few weeks already. Raise your hand if you'd like some serum! $16, but I think you'll like it:) No itches, no Ingrowns. Free delivery!

  • The Lustful Literate

    Yes…the cost is definitely an issue. This is a small town, so there isn't much competition…basically it means they can charge what they want. Last time I went if was over $90, plus $20 for a bottle of some "serum"/spray of some sort to control the ingrown hairs…which it did not do. I apparently have extremely sensitive skin; which can be great in some respects (wink, wink), but with the Brazilian – I bled. I puffed up like a throbbing red balloon. Where might I pick up some of this magical "serum" you speak of? What are the ingredients? 😉

  • t-town

    Hmmm, I will check those ingredients for that sensitive skin you speak of; and I might just know how to find you for free delivery:)Wow! Funny that the letters I am to type in below to 'prove I'm not a robot' are: lickede

  • Squeaky

    Eugh – I have the same reaction to waxing. Um… have you tried a zinc-based nappy (diaper) rash cream? Srsly. Anything made for babies is usually pretty good… Also, I get a terrible rash on my mound, so I just don't shave *that* part – lips only. Also, I shave my lips dry, and then shower (exfoliate), and then use the nappy rash cream (leave it on overnight) or moisturise with Dream Cream by Lush. It mostly works for me, and I'm pretty sensitive, and have a form of eczema there, too. (oh, the joy of being me! :/) Good luck, hon. X

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