Ahhhh….the joys of modern technology.  It used to be phone sex and personal ads…then there were chat rooms and online “hook-up” sites…now we have sexting.  All of these things can be fun – whether you are with someone or not.  Something about the anticipation and the inability to have the desired object “right now.”  And the power of being able to get another person all hot and bothered from afar…simply with your words and the thought of you.

I love getting random sexts, emails, pics – what have you – at totally inappropriate times – like when I’m at work…or standing in line at the store.  It’s the surprise element, and always the possibility of being caught…someone seeing the “offending” words or photo over your shoulder.

Yummy, yummy titillation.

If you’ve had any great sexts or sexy emails lately…please feel free to share them below in the comments.  We don’t need to know the context or who they were from…just the luscious words.

Here’s a good one from my phone –

“I was just thinking about how I want to run my fingers through your hair with my left hand from behind you while my right hand traces around your chest, slowly down your stomach back and forth, hesitantly sliding down near your pussy….slowly I tease you with one finger, making little circles but not getting too close…I feel you tense up and sigh as I go near and then pull away…softly you beg for me to put my fingers inside you…”

This continued for a few more texts –

“So I slide up your body, you on your back. I’ve just been going down on you; you’re wet and very turned on…I slide up very gently using my legs to spread yours: I’m kissing your chest, sucking on your nipples….I work my way up your neck to your ears, the whole time moving my body closer between your legs…I grab your wrists and put them above your head, I whisper in your ear that I want to be inside you…you whisper back yes…I put the head of my cock in your wet pussy and stop…I feel you trying to wiggle and get me in farther…I tell you no…you wiggle more and I hold your wrists tighter and say no…again you plea and say please…I slide a little farther in…softly you say yes and I stop again….you say please fuck me…I look at you in the eyes and say yes as I slide all the way inside you while I kiss you.”

And again –

“We are at the bar, I’m sitting next to you in a booth; you’re wearing a skirt and no panties; I have my hand on your knee and I’m sliding my hand up and down your thigh ever so slowly and nervously inching nearer your skirt but still not that close to your pussy as I feel your anticipation…now my hand is close and I see your breathing increase and I feel your legs get tense…you open your legs more as an invitation and I can feel that you’re warm, very warm…I move in, caressing your lips with my two fingers, I spread your lips apart and start rubbing your clit…you put your hand on mine and whisper not here.  I keep rubbing and whisper back…I will stop when you cum…I keep rubbing faster and faster, small circles…you relax and I feel your legs tremble knowing that everyone in the bar knows that you’re nearing orgasm…you’re trying so hard to be quiet…”

Maybe we should create a sexting app where people are sent random sexts at weird times during the day and night.  Little surprise treats in your inbox.  So much better that a motivational quote to lighten your mood and put a smile on your face.

It’s fun, also, to note, that these texts were not from my husband.  So, there’s the added fun of sharing them with him.  He loves knowing that I get and send stuff like this.

BTW, thanks, “J”, for these.  Hope you don’t mind that I shared.

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  • LJ

    Oops, that was "hot" n bothered from above.A couple additional notes: Skirts without panties seem to be the choosen upcoming attire; and I like the idea of a private, intimate booth:)

  • Anonymous

    Some "sexting" to share:My response to a "sext" received during the middle of my work day:"And just how do I tell that last client, "Oh by the way, can I put you on hold? I just got 'sext' a pic of a hot naked public official and I need to dispose of my wet panties."

  • The Lustful Literate

    This definitely created a "sexting" storm today…and I loved every second of it. Yummy sexy video texts…pics of random penises (or is that peni?)…and I've been texting a naughty, hand-crafted story at various moments throughout the day. Fun, fun, fun.And @ LJ…why would anyone wear panties on a date with two sexy people?Just sayin'.

  • LJ

    Question: Is it reasonable to ask the hostess for a towel to sit on while she is leading you to your table? I am quite sure I may literally slip right outta my seat after such a hot date!

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