Perfect Cover

“Shhh…”He placed one finger vertically against his lipsand ducked under the bridge,looking back to beckon me,his left hand waving eagerly. The sunset cast an eerie rose-colored lightabove nearly black trees;I pulled my inadequate cardigan closed,clasping it together with one handbetween my teenage breasts. Through word-of–mouthwe’d heard this was the placeolder couples came to park,make out,…


The depths of your white swirling seaare fathomless;beneath your skin –muscle, bone,a muffled consequencehidden in darker waters. Riding the waves of your hips –an undulating lullaby,back and forth…hypnotic. You pull me under,open-eyed and wild with lunar intoxication;our bodies swellingalong the same current. I am drowning at the edge of release.I open my mouth to scream,swallowing…

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