Okay…it’s cute…aside from the 2 glaring missing apostrophes and the missing comma (or semi-colon) – which, I must admit, the nerd in me is having a very hard time accepting.  But, the sentiment is pretty much right on, and I have no idea how to make my own graphic images – so I’m at the mercy of the bad grammar.


I suppose you’ll want a HNT from me?  Let’s see what I can dig up from the vaults:


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  • Anonymous

    we happily, stagger back to our cars; a noisy, riotous band of four, mismatched; I with Her, my wife with Him, arm-in-arm….giddy from the potent combination of alcohol (Argentinian Malbecs, to be precise), and sexually-charged, flirty banter giving rise to, so far, unrealized desires…desires, whetted and honed by the gentle conversational back and forth, testing, jousting, laughing at half-whispered double entendres over the dinner table in a crowded restaurant….the swive of conversation rises and falls in tempo…when the tempo of conversation slows, under the table, the soft touch of a foot on an unfamiliar leg begins a delicate dance; slowly rubbing –then becoming more rhythmic in slow synchronies harmony….reaching our car, conversation stumbles to an end–mismatched partners slowly turn to face for goodbyes–gentle kisses become more urgent–slowly leaning against the car as mouths hungrily taste, nibble, mouth, ears, neck. Hands caress, cup, hold, search. mouth engaged, with one hand free I unlock the rear car door. Entangled, I gently nudge her back towards the open door…She disengages briefly from my lips, looks at me sideways, half-smiles, raises her eyebrow in assent–and slowly reclines herself into the darkness of the car.

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