The depths of your white swirling sea
are fathomless;
beneath your skin –
muscle, bone,
a muffled consequence
hidden in darker waters.

Riding the waves of your hips –
an undulating lullaby,
back and forth…

You pull me under,
open-eyed and wild
with lunar intoxication;
our bodies swelling
along the same current.

I am drowning at the edge of release.
I open my mouth to scream,
swallowing your stream –
throat open.

I could go deeper,
lose sight of the light above –
evolve and morph
into something that can live
beneath your mirrored waters…
a distorted, moving reflection
that isn’t quite you –
but isn’t quite me.

(This one was written to the one word writing prompt:  Deep-six.  I get my writing prompts from lots of places, but this came from

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