Tips for waking up a sleepy libido

Okay…I’ll admit it…my libido waxes and wanes. But, then, for most of us, sexual desire and energy cycles from high to low depending on the level of stress we are under, how overworked or tired we are, how healthy we are, and how happy our relationship is. I’m a happily married girl with a pretty decent sex life (if I do say so myself), but I do, on occasion slip off of my sexual pedestal. So, how to bring it back from the dead naturally? Here’s what I found: (be sure to share your ideas by submitting a comment!)

1. Sleep. (Duh…if you’re tired, you won’t have the energy to bump, let alone grind.) Getting enough sleep every night is good for a lot of things. Our bodies process all kinds of things while we sleep. We problem-solve and heal between the sheets (when we are messy them up in a game of naked wrestling). So, go to bed early and sleep in.

2. Relax. Stress is a huge killer of sexual desire. Think yoga, massage, acupuncture…or get a babysitter or leave work earlier or switch careers or get a housekeeper…whatever will take some of the load off of your shoulders. Your nether regions will thank you.

3. Get outta the house. A change of setting might just do the trick. You look around your house only to see the 400 things that need to be done, the pile of bills, the screaming children who both claim the other one did it…Go to dinner, get a hotel room, go on a walk…whatever – just get the hell away from it all. If you can afford it – take a vacation!

4. Find your aphrodisiac. Some claim certain foods and beverages and herbs can do wonders for your sex drive: ginseng, green tea, celery, avocado, fenugreek, raw oysters, bananas, nuts, strawberries, chocolate, mangoes, peaches, eggs (fish or bird), liver, figs, garlic…just to name a few. (Check out this article for some surface explanations on some of these tasty aphrodisiacs.)

5. Gulp…decrease your alcohol intake…damn!

6. Exercise 30 min. per day (yes…sex counts). Losing weight can also help. The sexier you feel, the more likely you are to want it! Healthy body image is a must!

7. Avoid cigarettes, caffeine, and illegal drugs.

8. Avoid white sugar, processed foods and fat; the slow you down and make you sluggish, sapping you of much needed sexual energy.

9. Check your prescriptions. Some drugs have sexual side-effects…see if you can alter your medications if this is a problem.

10. Try pheromones (body washes and colognes).

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  • Sherille Jill

    We should always get enough sleep because it has lots of benefits like waking up a sleepy libido. I like what you stated here and I will tell my friend about this because she needs this for a healthy marriage. Have you experienced sexsomnia when you’ve done some of these things?

  • The Lustful Literate

    I personally don't have an issue with it…but my husband does. Funny, though…he doesn't see it so much as a disorder as the key to impromptu, middle of the night nookie. Sometimes I bite…other times, I smack him away and say no. Either way is fine with him. With the former, he wakes up having sex. With the latter, he doesn't wake up, so he isn't even really aware that I've smacked him. It's all good.

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